Sai-Sei, a truly beautiful bathing experience


Hi folks,

I have to share with you these truly beautiful products i found in the SpaceNK sale! Its by San-Sei and it is a Japanese ritual of Tranquility, you just feel on top of the world after!


It comes beautifully packaged in a lovely aqua and white recycled cardboard box, the contents are inside a lovely natural linen bag and it all looks very fresh and calming and boy does it live up to this ..


The mineral invigorate body scrub has to be the best scrub i have ever used for extra smooth skin, its totally natural with no parabens ect and is full of ingredients for silky soft skin including water bamboo and bamboo shoot extract which is rich in minerals and has been used in Japanese folk medicine for centuries,sodium, potassium, magnesium all essential to out bodies, we do not make our own minerals in the body we have to eat them daily, they can oso be absorbed by the skin too and apricot seeds to exfoliate. I think the ingredient list speaks for itself really but wow it not only is the best i have ever used it smells heavenly too!


The mineral refresh shower gel and all these products have essential minerals taken from Japan’s hot springs known as Onsen and a more skin nourishing, softening experience i have yet to find and the scent is divine, it just smells so mineral rich but fresh spa or the sea after a storm …


The mineral deep moisture cream is a revelation too, as well as the mineral water it has Uji green tea and rice bran for beautifully soft skin and that my friends is exactly what you get with the products you feel completely refreshed, silky soft and like n new woman after using these products and the scent lasts and it continues to relax you every time you catch a whiff of the scent!

These products are beautifully unique, how they left me and my skin feeling made it an incredible bathing experience and one i shall be repeating often! Cannot believe i got this set in the sale down from over £30 to £7.50 all i need now is some cherry blossom painted in my bathroom walls and a Kimono lol.

Thats it for now folks,i really hope you get to try some of these fantastic products, they have made me very uplifted and happy and i love anything that can do that for you..

Bye for now

Nicola x

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