Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser and Rodial Light Brazilian Tan

I love a lot of products that Elemis do …soon as i saw it i had to have it, but sadly it did not live up to my expectations!

I so wanted it to give me  that lovely golden glow i craved! But after using it for 5 days in a row i cannot see any difference in the colour of my skin, it was also a tad drying too which is a real shame!

Don’t know where Elems have gone wrong here but soon as i wash of cleanse my face in the evening, everything goes including the light bit of colour that this product did give me , all i know is that after using faithfully for 6 our of 7 mornings i am still pale.

Now i know this is a gradual tan product but wheres the tan if any ? If i am going wrong somewhere i would love to hear what that is…. i have applied after toning, with a serum underneath, without a serum, without exfoliating and with exfoliating (right at the start) and then left it to see if i could actually get some colour up but alas it was not to be!



But all is not lost as i have my trusty Rodial Brazilian tan in light and this just gives me enough colour to look healthy and i adore it! It lasts about 5 days too ..Result!!

People notice when i have it on and compliment me and say i look healthy and i couldn’t be happier with it . The clear tan they do is fantastic too, i have been very lucky in finding my perfect tan shade for pale Irish skin with a hint of blue lol!

The travel size of the Rodial can be purchased off e-bay so you can try it before you fork out for a full priced product and this is definitely worth trying if you don’t like your colour to be OTT but still like to be able to see some shade but not tangoed lol


Thats my thoughts for today folks

bye for now



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