Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Rose Water

Well folks, 

its been a while but i haven’t been well and lost my mojo but gonna try and get a post up every week now! 


Today its a product that i have wanted to blog about for quite some time, Its Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Floral Rose Water, its simply 100% organic rose water, no alcohol or nasty additives which is why i love it so much!  I keep this in my fridge and use it as my toner and a refresher, its fabulous in this hot weather! 

It keeps my skin soothed and really helps with the hydration too, its a big bottle too at 300ml, so refreshing after a shower  on my face, neck and decollete, you can see how much i love it by all that is left lol, time to get a new one but i am torn now as they have brought out a full range of floral waters now and they all sound amazing!

So do i Change it up or stick with my 100% Organic Rose .. decisions decisions …  you can read up on the Rose Water  and the new range of floral waters

I just love this company’s range of beauty products from the beautiful soaps to their amazing oils, floral waters, bath salts, the list goes on …. the ancient bathing rituals that have stood the test of time, organic products and how they make me feel! 

How we bathe is all tied in with our well being so much and love that feeling of indulging in something really special that has stood the test or time over the centuries. The fragrances in this brand are mellow and beautiful, they don’t knock you over with cheap scent, they relax you body and mind in scents that say come in and take the day off .. relax …


Thats it for now

till next time bloggers 

Nicola xx

5 thoughts on “Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Rose Water

  1. Tracey

    Having just read your review I’ve immediately ordered the Rose Water. I absolutely love anything Rose and really like the idea that you can use this in different ways. Thank you for introducing me to this product I’ll let you know how I get on with it. Tracey x


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