Ancienne Ambiance

Isn’t it wonderful when you find a brand that speaks your language? 

Ancienne Ambiance  does this to me with their wonderful bath products which are free from SLS and other nasties, they are a luxury brand and their products are multi tasking and smell incredible!

I must confess i am a bath product junkie , i have Me and Fybromyalgia and i seem to be on an eternal quest for bath products to ease body and mind . 

I love that feeling of creating a haven in my bathroom i adore both their Goddess Argan oil beauty range and their Lavendula range , i haven’t tried the rest of the range yet but they olso have almond, rose and orange flower products too!

The fragrant oils can be used in the bath and/or after as well, the bath salts help to ease aches and pains in the bath and double up as a body exfoliation, the soap is heavenly, its rare that i use a bar of soap down to nothing but i am now on my third and will be getting more. The scents embrace you and don’t knock you over., they scent my whole flat and leave me feeling like i have just indulged in something really special, after all the bathing rituals are centuries old.

So if you feel like pulling on your toga (lol) and indulging in some fine quality bathing products then you have to try this brand . Theres nothing quite like descending into a fragrant plume of steam into a magical bath which treats body, mind and soul. I genuinely love this brand and its beautiful products .. give it a go you wont be disappointed!

.Ancienne Ambiance Also do a fab range of candles, jewellery, home fragrances and art. You can find them here


Bye for now 

Nicola x 


12 thoughts on “Ancienne Ambiance

  1. Lorna Mai (@TheColourQueen)

    I’ve never actually heard of this brand until now. Whereabouts would we buy these products? they sound wonderful. I think something happens to our body when our senses are evoked like that, like an endorphine is somehow released giving us that sence of wellbeing. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bex Walton

    I had never heard of this brand before either, but it is definitely one I can see myself buying. I didn’t get any bath treats for Christmas for the first time last year (shock horror) so may just have to treat myself. Thanks for the post!

  3. nikoteen87

    I love creating a little bit of heaven in the bath when I get chance. Unfortunately with kids it’s not often. I may have to try some of these though 🙂


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