Weleda The Natural Choice

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Hi folks ,

I love Weleda because of their complete cycle of life of their products and their many uses. It was founded in 1921 for doctors who wanted to take a more holistic approach to stimulate the natural healing forces of the individual and bring mind, body and spirit into balance. This just sings to me as a Me and fybromyalgia victim lol .

They also helped establish their own biodynamic gardens back in the 1920’s and their wealth of knowledge is immense not only in organic holistic remedies but they also are extremely environmentally friendly with
sustainability, fair trade, active protection of resources through cultivation and species protection projects and a high level of transparency for the benefit of our customer (phew!)

The first product i have ever tried was the Skin Food which on the Make Up Artis circut is a firm Favourite as its guaranteed to transform the worst skin into a calm, happy base on which to apply make up .
I have to agree, it the heat or cold has dried my skin out this soothes it and it i get a spot it also calms it and takes down any redness fast. It would also be an amazing after sun product (if we ever had any sun), its something i always have on hand to sort my skin out as it can go from normal to dry as a flip flop in the blink of an eye lol.


I also use their Calendula and Chamomile Conditioner too, its soothing to a dry scalp and gives my hair a beautiful shine, its nice and light too and doesn’t over load the hair or weigh it down , lovely and fresh.


The Sea buckthorn Shower Cream is another favourite of mine that i first tried through Latest In Beauty and i love the freshness of it , it has a lovely cirtus scent which gives you that lovely cool, fresh feeling after your shower, i love the body lotion too for a double whammy !


Weleda do some beautiful oils to and oh so many products to calm, heal and moisturise from head to toe and have such a diverse range so give them a second look as not only are they on hand and willing to help with any queries, they are a kind company who every now and again like to surprise you with the occasional sample of too and that can only be a good thing right?

So why not give Weleda a try, after all not only will it not hurt you, its kind to our over worked, stressed Planet !
Have you tried Weleda ? What do you think ?


Bye for now folks

Nicola x

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